With a wide variety of PA Systems offered, we handle:


 • Theatre productions, fashion shows, school plays & dance


 • Music festivals, CD launches, youth camps & churches

 • Conferences, Corporate presentations & Product launches

 • Weddings, motivational speakers & exhibitions


Supplier of complete event solutions:

Our experienced on-site sound engineers are able to assist you with indoor & outdoor sound or a simple PA system, whether you require a sound system for a band, music festival, corporate event or for an outdoor stadium or a small PA system for a wedding, a singer, motivational speaker or theatre production, we can provide what you need!


With professional sound hire, it is of the utmost importance to set up a sound system that will give the best performance yet maintains audio clarity for the required venue. Our experienced sound engineers will do a site evaluation to determine which of our range of professional sound systems will be best suited for your event.


Synergy Sound a division of SPH, specializes in sales & installations of professional sound equipment, for those who require a permanent sound installation within a venue, school or church.